Thursday, June 18, 2009

Late Day Soaring

Murphy's Law never fails to ensure that the best soaring weather falls on a weekday for those of us who have to work to support the flying obsession. That Friday was not an exception with nice firm Cu clouds drifting by the office window. Thinking I might get a bit of flying in, I left work early, but after two hours of being stuck in traffic and arriving to the field well after 6pm, my hopes were slim. But there was still Cu in the sky, club's ASK-21 sat unused, so me and my partner got in and went flying.

We asked the tow pilot to drop us at the somewhat distant Cu and we relieved that it had lift under it. As we circled under the clouds, i felt my stress from busy work and hellish commute melting away.

We heard some of other club gliders reporting lift over town of Cambridge and headed there. The clouds looked promising, but most that we found was zero lift. No wonder, it was almost 7:30pm. So, we circled for a bit in zero lift and slowly made our way back the the field. A great way to end the work week!

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