Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flying in the Decathlon

Trying to do both aerobatics and soaring did not leave me with any time to resume by power flying, so I was very grateful when invited to tag along in the Decathlon. I even got to fly it, albeit from the back seat.

We needed to break in the new jugs (or something like that) so we had to fly for 2 hours keeping certain RPMs. Direction was up to me, so I choose to check out my potential cross country routes and we flew to York Soaring, then over Embro to Woodstock. I never flew over that area of Southern Ontario, so it was nice to do the initial check from the back seat of a power plane. We then paid a visit to Brantford airport, flew over the escarpment in the Milton area and returned back to club taking some neat shots in the process.

Brantford Airport

Over Escarpment

Hangar View and a Visiting Tiger Moth

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