Monday, March 10, 2008

Grand Canyon from the Air, The Sunset Part

Coming on to the edge of the Canyon, I was very happy to be in a helicopter as we were very close to the ground. Much closer than that the airplane would be. Soon, we came over the northern ridge and saw the canyon and the river in their full grandeur. Sun was stating to set and the colors were very warm although the contrast between shadow and light was still quite dramatic.

Following the river, we descended into the canyon and landed on a plateau about 2/3 of the way up. It was a snack stop and while everyone else was snacking and drinking champagne, we were running around with the cameras trying to get as many pictures as possible.

Time flew by and soon we were piling back into the helicopter for a return flight back with a tour of a night Vegas. The pilot suggested that the couple that was sitting up front swap places with the two skinniest people from the back seat (that included me and another lady). The couple upfront gracefully accepted and soon I was strapping into the prime real estate in the heli – right front seat (the heli seats 3 upfront, pilot on the left and then 2 pax).

The flight back was even better as the canyon was basking in the low reddish light of the setting sun and the colors of the desert repeating all hues on the color wheel.

Sun was setting quickly and soon we were approaching the night-time Vegas.

This blog got its start after my first night flight over downtown Toronto that just blew me away. In a way, flying over night-time Las Vegas, I came full circle. That expedience was unreal. Exciting, exhilarating, with a complete visual sensory overload! Trying to hold the camera steady in the shaking helicopter was challenging, but I managed to get a few shots. They of course pale in comparison with how it felt being there, but at least give a hint of what a magic experience that was. And of course the only thought I had as we hovered to a landing spot was “ I got to finish that night rating!!!!”.