Wednesday, August 23, 2017

6 yrs in one blog entry.

I had not stopped flying for a few years since my last post, but I stopped writing about it. Meanwhile, my glider hour count increased substantially and exceeded my power hours by 75%. As of now, i have over 350 hours in gliders with close to 100 of those in the mountains. I discovered mountain soaring in Invermere, BC i n 2012 and that’s been my home away from home ever since. I make at least one trip per year there even when I do not fly and I just bought land there to build my forever home. The land is next to another airport, Fairmount Hot Springs. 

My airplane hour counts is stuck around 200. I found other people with taildraggers in the local area and for couple of years had a great experience flying yet another Citabria. That experience was amazing, but proved short lived as that club folded and sold the airplanes.

In 2015 I re-discovered bicycle racing and the fact that I was pretty darn good at it and ever since then all of my flying slowed down to a grinding halt, both power and glider. As of summer of 2017, my glider logbook had 4 years on the same page and my power logbook had 8 year covered in 3 pages. And most importantly, I started to really miss flying. So I set up to do something about it – but that’s a topic for future posts. 

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